Everything You Need To Know About Thai Massage

There is no doubt in the fact that science has evolved a lot and has bestowed us with every kind of medication for every kind of disease or disorder but sometime a person is neither ill nor infected he just wants to relax his mind and body. For this purpose various therapies and massages have been introduced. These are some of the oldest therapies that have been there around since ages. There are variety of massages like Swedish massage, Thai massage, oil massage and many more. Thai massage is one of the most popular massages among many others. In this article, we will be discussing about Thai massage so we would be able to know enough about Thai massage in Melbourne.


Massage is basically the rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints either with hands or sometimes with foot. Different types of oil or massaging ointments are used for various massages. Every massage has its own specialty. The most common function of these massages is to provide relaxation and calmness to body as well as mind. Thai massage, Swedish massage, oil massage is some of the most commonly done massages.

Thai massage:

As the name implies, Thai massage has been originated from the region of Thailand. It is the traditional massage which is a kind of oriental bodywork therapy. In this massage human body, mind and spirit is treated. A person is first laid down then stretched, pulled and rocked at the hands of Thai massage therapist. It makes the person feel clean and comfortable. Thai massage incorporates lots of motion and stretching which makes a person active. Click here for more info on thai massage Coburg.

Amazing facts about Thai massage:

There are some amazing facts about Thai massage which distinguishes this massage from other types of massage. Thai massage is done fully dressed which means that client does not have to remove his clothing for getting a massage. This rule makes it comfortable for both the client as well as the therapist. This massage is done fully dressed so one does not have to go to a separate room for a massage. Hence, a person can get his Thai massage done while having a gala time with his friends at the same time. Moreover, Thai massage does not require any kind of an oil as it is all about the stretching due to which a person does not feel sticky or uncomfortable later on.


Massage is the form of relaxation for many people in which a therapist rubs or kneads the client’s body parts and joints either with or sometimes with muscular strength. Thai massage is one of the oldest forms of massage which has been originated from Thailand. In this massage, there is no need of oil or getting undressed as it is done by stretching the body parts. This massage makes a person relaxed and active at the same time. “Lelux Thai” offers the best services of Thai massage, cupping therapy and many other related therapies.